The Printmaking Collection

Made using a variety of printmaking techniques, with themes ranging from the ocean and landscapes, to snapshots inspired by different places, and experiments of abstract compositions.

All pieces in this series are unique, one-of-a-kind artworks.

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Sugar, acid, oil and copper

are some of the elements Neta Goren uses in the printmaking process, in addition to aquatint and monotype techniques.

Some of the artworks involve a combination of classic painting methods, such as oil colors.

The artworks move between the realms of depiction and abstraction, creating expressive compositions, that allow for a broad range of viewer interpretations.

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Artist Statement

I work in and around the tension between the abstract and the concrete. I work in layers, and like the process to be seen.

Basic shapes interest me, such as the shape of a man, of a bird, of a tree. I strip them down to their naked form and interpret their existence in crude brushstrokes or boney lines.

I like to think of my art as “stopped” rather than “finished”.

About the Artist

Neta Goren has been featured in multiple group and solo exhibitions. Grew up in South Africa, she spent formative periods of time in Holland, Italy, Canada, Israel, and the US. Studied formally and less formally, music, literature, languages, and art, holds an MA from Haifa University.

Printmaking skills at The Florence School of Fine Arts, and Miriam Shalev at Ein Carmel Studio.