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The Pink Boat

The Pink Boat

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One-of-a-kind sugar-lift, and aquatint etching, after a sketch done in Gloucester, MA.

Original artwork, 2022 · Neta Goren

4x6" / 10x15 cm


Etching, Oil, Gouache, and Watercolor

Paper, unframed

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Artist statement

Sugar lift etching is a long process by which cooked sugar (like caramel) is used as ink on a copper plate.
Once the caramel dries, it is coated with a "stopping" layer. Once dry, the copper plate is placed underwater for a day or two. As the sugar melts underwater, the "stopping" layer is lifted, and lines are revealed.
The plate is now ready to be immersed in the etching acid. Once it is etched with the sugar lines, aquatint may be introduced to create gray areas.
The plate is now ready for printing. An oil-based printing paint is used on the plate, in this case I used black alone and, once dry, I added gouache and watercolor.
The element of surprise in inherent to the printmaking process.

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